Hello and welcome to Inner Gardens Studio!

Connecting People and Plants

Having plants in our home environment, participating in nature-based activities and being out in nature support cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual outcomes. We are excited about these benefits and are happy to help you on this journey. Serving Saskatoon and area, at Inner Gardens Studio we work with mindfulness, integrity, and passion to bring you the best quality, joyful and engaging nature-based experiences.


Plant Therapy

Therapeutic Horticulture uses plants, gardens and the natural world around us to improve social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

“Plants are effective in challenging human responses because their environment is in contrast with the social world in which we move. The garden is a safe place, a friendly setting where everyone is welcome. Plants are non-judgemental, nonthreatening, and non-discriminating. According to Lewis (1996), they respond to care, not to the strengths or weaknesses of the person providing it. Our hi-tech world is unpredictable, but plants have a fixed cycle and we can rely on that.” – M Elings. People-Plant Interaction



Some People feel the rain, others get wet

— Bob Marley